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Why Your Dentist Needs to See Inside Your Teeth

Did you know that when a dentist visually checks your teeth, he or she can only judge the health based on what is visible to the eye and what responds to some prodding with a dental explorer.  What is left unknown is the condition of tissues in side of teeth and the area in between teeth that isn’t clearly visible or reachable with an explorer.  When you refuse dental x-rays you are limiting your dentist’s ability to make a complete and accurate diagnosis of tooth health. 

Dentists in NW Calgary at Ranchlands Dental explain that the need to take dental x-rays is not an attempt to expose patients to unnecessary treatment – but to be able to accurately diagnose the health of a person’s mouth.  Dental x-rays have come a long way over the past two decades – exposure to radiation is minimal, speed of capturing and level of comfort for the patient has increased, and the ability to forward digital copies to specialists means everyone is viewing the same information at the same time.  But what is important to mention that apart from the advances in technology, technique and time – digital x-rays provide vital insight as to the health of dental tissues.

Ranchlands Dental emphasis is on preventative dentistry – trying to prevent tooth issues before they arise.  Sometimes it’s the use of a dental x-ray that allows a dentist to intervene early and do some minor dentistry and avoid having a bigger issue down the road that requires extensive treatment and involves significant cost.  When x-rays are skipped for several visits there is a risk that minor dental concerns are going undiagnosed and could potentially become bigger issues down the road.  Dental x-rays don’t just focus on teeth but reveal any abnormalities of the jaws and soft tissues.  Unfortunately oral cancer exists and sometimes it’s not visible to the naked eye – allowing your NW Calgary Dentist to take x-rays provides an opportunity to catch disease early and seek treatment right away.

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