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Why You Need to Book a Dental Appointment?

Regardless of our age, how many teeth we have, or just how great our teeth look and feel – everyone should ideally see their Dentist in NW Calgary twice a year.  Similar to your car’s routine oil change and filter check – having your family dentist regularly look under the hood at your pearly whites can often make the difference between minor repairs and significant damage.

At Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary, we encourage patients to stick to a maintenance schedule that is consistent, so that a dentist can become familiar with a patient’s teeth and oral health and that any concerns can be either treated early, or monitored to ensure that treatment needs and costs don’t get out of hand.  There are many reasons why patients make appointments to see their Calgary Dentist – usually for a routine appointment for an exam and cleaning, sometimes for restorative treatment to have a filling or crown placed, and on occasion for an emergency procedure due to unexpected pain or trauma.  But just like the people who service their vehicles regularly and at the first sign of trouble – patients who see their dentist on a regular basis for exams, x-rays and cleanings tend to have fewer dental surprises down the road.

In the United States over 100 million Americans fail to see the dentist each year – leaving themselves susceptible to undiagnosed dental decay, gum disease, broken dentistry, and systemic diseases that often reveal early warning signs in the mouth.  We’ve talked about the mouth-body connection in previous blogs, and highlighted the need to see a dentist regularly if you already suffer from Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, are Pregnant, are a Smoker or have a compromised immune system.  Removing bacteria from the mouth – which lives in plaque and on the surface of the tongue – can help reduce the overall bacteria in a person’s body and help reduce systemic inflammation.  Patients with Diabetes and other diseases are already dealing with an overload of systemic inflammation – so having regular cleanings and exams goes a long way in helping to reduce the systemic overload.

But maybe a patient has tooth sensitivity, a clicky jaw joint, or suffers from bleeding gums – there are many reasons why making a dental appointment is a good idea – both in the short and long-term.  From canker sores to difficulty chewing and swallowing – NW Calgary Dentists are able to diagnose and treat dental issues – restoring a person’s smile and health.

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