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Why You May Still Need Dentistry After Braces

Why You May Still Need Dentistry After Braces - Ranchlands Dental - Calgary Dental Services

You’ve gone through orthodontic treatment and are now a little surprised to be told by your dentist that you need some restorative dentistry.  You were thinking that wearing braces or Invisalign® was all you needed to do to perfect your bite – but now you need more work and are wondering how common this situation is.

The Uniqueness of a Bite Dictates Treatment Needs

Orthodontic Treatment can transform smiles – some would say it performs minor miracles and takes a mouth that has teeth all over the place and turns it in to a healthy, functional bite. General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary explain that for many patients the orthodontic process is all that’s required to address certain bite issues – and for some patients dental treatment ends when the braces come off.  But not all bites are the same – and the reason why orthodontic treatment was recommended in the first place differs between patients – which results in different treatment needs once braces or aligners are removed.

Why Do You Need Restorative Dentistry After Orthodontics?

Just like some patients need jaw surgery during orthodontic treatment to correct skeletal imbalances and abnormalities – it’s not uncommon for certain patients to require restorative treatment once orthodontics have finished.  Imagine clenching and grinding your teeth every day for several years because of a bad bite – though orthodontics has done a great job in straightening out teeth and creating better alignment and arch formation – what’s happening with the short flat teeth that have taken a beating with all that grinding?  Teeth that lack anatomy require restoring so that cusps of upper and lower molars interdigitate correctly and provide the needed ability to chew and grind food.  Just because teeth are straight doesn’t mean that the bite is perfect – as tooth anatomy plays an important role in a healthy mouth.

It would be great if orthodontic treatment resolved every dental issue – but some mouths need some extra attention that can only be resolved with restorative work.   Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental don’t want patients to be surprised or disappointed when told their mouths require some work – it’s the last step in creating the best possible smile.

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