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When it’s Time to Crown a Tooth

When it’s Time to Crown a Tooth - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Crowns Calgary

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental are a group of General Dentists who provide restorative treatment that includes the placement of Dental Crowns.

Why do some teeth need to be crowned and others function just as well with a filling?  There are many reasons why a tooth requires crown coverage – a tooth has fractured due to trauma, a tooth has had root canal therapy and therefore is at risk for breaking and requires protection, a tooth has been restored numerous times with fillings to the point where there is more filling than tooth structure – these teeth are at risk for fracturing so a crown is recommended to support and protect the tooth.  Sometimes a tooth is highly sensitive as a result of being heavily restored – by placing a crown the tooth experiences better thermal protection – and is less reactive to stimuli.

Dr. Volinder Dhesi, Dr. Jan Jaffer, Dr. Mebs Sayani and Dr. Nooralli Jaffer explain that dental crowns are also used to achieve a cosmetic result when a patient has stained or darkened teeth that won’t respond to Tooth Whitening.  Patients who have shortened teeth due to clenching and grinding can also benefit from having crowns placed to restore length, shape and function to their smile but having a custom night guard made to protect the new dentistry is highly recommended.  And patients who are reluctant to wear orthodontic braces to straighten crooked teeth may want to consider a consultation to discuss the option of placing crowns to correct gaps, crookedness and mild misalignment.

Today’s dental materials and advances in application allow Dentists in Calgary to achieve both esthetic and functional results by restoring suitable teeth with dental crowns.  From the reliable porcelain fused to metal, durable full gold crown to the esthetic prowess of an all porcelain crown – teeth can be restored to reflect natural anatomy and tooth form.  And if a patient has an aversion to dental impressions and multiple appointments – there is the option of Cerec Crowns – that uses 3D imaging to fabricate the crown chairside.  This technology eliminates the need to take a traditional impression and also cuts the need for a follow up appointment as the crown designed, fabricated and cemented all in one appointment.  Cerec technology is an option that may work for the time crunched patient who wants their treatment completed in one visit.

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