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How to Know When It’s Time to Make a Calgary Dental Appointment

If you tend to put off scheduling your dentist visits for longer than you should, you know that you certainly aren’t alone. We see patients all the time who should have made a dental appointment quite a while ago, but didn’t because they felt nervous about going to the dentist, or thought it would be a bigger hassle than it is.
Still, regular teeth cleanings and dental appointments are two of the most important things you can do not only for your teeth, but your overall health in general.

That’s especially true if you have a few key symptoms. Here are three times when you should absolutely make a dental appointment to come see us right away:

1. When you have bleeding and/or pain in your mouth. Unfortunately, many patients sit back and wait for the symptoms to go away, although they rarely do. And even in the cases when you do stop feeling discomfort, the underlying problems will probably continue to get worse. The moral of the story? Don’t ignore mouth pain – make a dental appointment immediately.

2. When you haven’t seen the dentist for more than a year. As we mentioned, regular maintenance, cleaning, and checkups are crucial to your dental health. In a perfect world, you should go and see your dentist every six months. If it’s been a year or longer, however, don’t waste any more time. It only takes a few minutes to make a dental appointment, and you’ll be glad you did later.

3. When you have sensitivity in your teeth to hot or cold beverages. As with pain and bleeding, sensitive spots in your mouth could be indicative of bigger issues that need to be corrected. Besides, you don’t want a small dental issue to stop you from enjoying the foods and drinks you love, so make an appointment to have your sensitivity dealt with.

Is it time to make a dental appointment for yourself or a member of your family? Call Ranchlands Dental in Calgary today and speak to a member of our friendly staff.

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