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When Improving Your Smile Can Improve Your Dental Health

Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary is something many patients turn to when they want to correct a less than perfect smile.  Improving colour, shape, size, and position of teeth can give individuals the smile they’ve always wanted.  Apart from a head-turning smile there is another benefit to correcting teeth that may be out of alignment or discoloured due to an old silver filling – and that’s an improvement in a person’s entire dental health.  Teeth that are worn, cracked, crowded, or overlapped, pose health issues and dental risks that can be eradicated with the placement of new dentistry.

General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary  support patients in their decision to move forward with Cosmetic Dentistry.  Teeth that are crooked, overlapped, or not in correct alignment, are at risk for developing decay due to food collecting around them.  Calgary Dentists are the first to admit that brushing and flossing crooked teeth is hard work – but unless it’s done diligently gum tissue and teeth are at risk.  The overlapping of teeth create a perfect hideout for food remnants – and if not removed by the action of brushing and flossing – will break down and contribute to the formation of plaque on tooth surfaces.  Plaque is a sticky bacterium that lives on tooth surfaces – it feeds on the food we eat – especially carbohydrates – and if left on tooth enamel can cause decay, tooth sensitivity, and gum inflammationWhen teeth are not in correct alignment keeping them clean becomes a challenge; so turning to Cosmetic Dentistry to improve crooked teeth also improves the health of the entire mouth.

Dentists in Calgary are highly experienced when it comes to developing treatment plans that meet the patient’s esthetic goals and the goal to enhance the health of teeth and gums.  Turning to Cosmetic Dental solutions like veneers, crowns, and porcelain bridges, provides patients with the smile they’ve always hoped for and a much easier environment to keep clean and healthy.  If you have been considering Cosmetic Dentistry to improve your smile – contact Ranchlands Dental today and find out how these NW Calgary Dentists can help you achieve a great smile and great dental health.  Accepting New Patients – 403.239.5212

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