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What’s Causing Your Toothache?

What’s Causing Your Toothache? - Ranchalnds Dental - General Dentists Calgary

Are you woken from a deep sleep by dental pain?  When you eat or drink something hot, does the temperature make your teeth overreact?  Or maybe you’re experiencing a constant, dull ache, that doesn’t appear to be getting worse but also isn’t improving over time?

Reason for a Toothache

Achy teeth are just no fun, regardless of the cause.  Whether a young child dealing with their first cavity or a full-grown adult handling the discomfort associated with an abscess – dental pain can be hard to control, especially when left untreated.  But what causes a tooth to become unhealthy and exhibit symptoms of disease or trauma?  What is it that takes a tooth from feeling okay to causing sleepless nights that has you reaching for the painkillers?  The fact is that tooth aches and pains can be caused by decay, trauma, infection, clenching and grinding, gum recession and periodontal problems, and worn dentistry such as a lose filling.  The important point to note is that a tooth rarely aches for no reason: with the exception of being uncomfortable for a few days following certain treatment – so following up with your dentist is recommended, especially if discomfort is getting worse instead of easing off.

Does a Toothache Always Mean Treatment?

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental Clinic explain that there is sometimes a silver lining – not all tooth pain means ‘root canal’ or ‘dental decay’ – sometimes it means a tooth is inflamed due to tooth sensitivity caused by gum recession, or a patient’s bite needs to be adjusted.  When an individual goes through a cycle of extreme clenching and grinding teeth can become bruised.  The life-centre of the tooth – the nerve – reacts to the force and becomes inflamed – reacting to even the most gentle of stimuli.  If you have a history of grinding and clenching your teeth, you may want to speak to your dental team about the benefits a night guard provides – as wearing an appliance can help prevent achy teeth.

If you are overdue for a cleaning your teeth, and gums, may well let you know with heightened sensitivity and an overall feeling of mild discomfort.  Plaque that builds up on tooth surfaces irritates gum tissue and erodes tooth surfaces, causing a tooth to react strongly to temperatures and pressure.  If your teeth just don’t feel right – and it’s been a while since your last dental cleaning – set up an appointment to see your hygienist and dentist so that aches and pains can be fully diagnosed.

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