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What is Orofacial Pain and How Your Calgary Dentist Can Help

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental understand just how uncomfortable Orofacial Pain can be.  Orofacial Pain is characterized by the constant throbbing, aching, or dull discomfort, which affects the head, neck, face, mouth, teeth and gums, and jaw joint.  Orofacial Pain may be directly linked to an accident, a syndrome such as Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMD), or be related to short-term pain resulting from certain dental procedures.   Orofacial refers to the mouth and face – and all associated hard and soft tissues – muscles, ligaments, and bone.  When a patient contacts a Calgary Dentist due to generalized discomfort not originating from a specific tooth – Orofacial Pain may be at play.

The dentists at Ranchlands Dental are General Dentists in NW Calgary who provide treatment diagnosis and solutions to patients who are suffering from facial pain that includes, but is not limited to, jaw discomfort, tenderness in muscles surrounding the eyes and mouth, tightness and discomfort of shoulder muscles, pain that radiates down the back of the head, pain when opening or closing the mouth, pain when sleeping on one side of the face and discomfort from certain teeth.  Orofacial discomfort can mean raging headaches, ringing or a full sensation in an ear or ears, and a general sensation of tension throughout facial muscles.

Calgary General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental take patients’ discomfort seriously and encourage you to contact the office if you have been experiencing facial muscle tenderness or any of the above mentioned signs or symptoms.  Our dentists are experienced in addressing the many signs and symptoms of Orofacial Pain and are able to provide treatment solutions that focus on reversing and preventing the painful symptoms.  Affecting both male and female patients – though more prevalent in women (but that may be because women are more inclined to notice and report symptoms) Orofacial pain can consume an individual’s life – interrupting work and family activities – and contributing to stress and anxiety levels as patients try to cope with the discomfort.

NW Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in Calgary welcome new patients to their practice and hope that people who are experiencing discomfort due to Orofacial Pain contact them for a consultation.   

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