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The Benefits of Regular Visits to the Dentist

The Benefits of Regular Visits to the Dentist - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Services NW Calgary

In the whirlwind of busy work schedules and hectic family life it’s sometimes hard to make time for important appointments like visiting your doctor and dentist on a regular basis.  And as much as we’d all like to skip out on certain appointments – maintaining regular visits with your dentist goes a long way to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental empathize with patients whose time is stretched; busily balancing work, school and social schedules – but explain that seeing your dentist twice a year for a routine check-up exam can actually keep you out of the dental chair with early diagnosis and prevention.

Seeing your Calgary Dentist on a regular basis offers an opportunity for review of your oral health – which includes the examination of teeth, gums, tongue, and oral tissues.  The consistent examination of a patient’s mouth provides several benefits, such as:

Early Diagnosis of Tooth Decay
When a cavity is in its early stages of development it presents as a sticky spot on a tooth.  During an oral examination your dentist uses a probe to explore and test groves and surfaces of teeth – checking for soft sticky spots which indicate early decay.  Diagnosing a cavity as soon as possible prevents the need for extensive treatment – and enables the dentist to repair the tooth in a conservative manner.

Diagnosis of Gum Disease
Not only can dental decay be diagnosed early – so can gum disease – or Gingivitis.  The tell-tale signs of puffy swollen gums that bleed easily when prodded are classic symptoms of Gingivitis that if left undiagnosed, can progress to become the more damaging Periodontal Disease.  Avoiding seeing the dentist prevents a course of action being designed to help stop the progression of gingivitis – as only with thorough dental cleanings and the commitment to an effective home care routine can Gum Disease be halted in its tracks.

Oral Cancer Screening
Our previous blogs have discussed the reality of Oral Cancer
– a disease that destroys oral tissues (teeth, bone, gums, muscles and ligaments) and is an integral part of a dentists examination.  Diagnosed by the visual signs of tissue/cell changes and also sometimes viewed on dental x-rays – oral cancer is a survivable disease if caught and treated early.

If you have ever wondered the true value of dental exam, the reality is that there are many facets of your oral health that is being observed and reviewed – some of which can not only help save your teeth – but also save your life.

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