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Taking Care of Your Mouth – Even if You Don’t Have Teeth

Taking Care of Your Mouth – Even if You Don’t Have Teeth - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Implants Calgary

Just because someone wears a denture doesn’t mean they don’t have to care for their mouth.  The health of gums and bone are still impacted by the use of a denture – so taking care to clean oral tissues regardless of whether your teeth are natural or not is required.

Wearing Your Denture Overnight

One of the worst things you can do for your oral health is to never take your denture out.  Gums need an opportunity to breathe and heal from any trauma they sustained during eating or talking.  When a denture stays in all the time it prevents oral tissue from healing and having a much earned break from supporting the prosthetic throughout the day – taking a denture out at night time is essential to be able to clean the mouth – and the denture.

Do Gums Still Need to Be Cleaned?

We know it must seem crazy to talk about cleaning gums as we’re usually sharing the latest information on the benefits of brushing and flossing teeth!  But just like babies gums need cleaning after a feed – so do adult gums as they also harbour bacteria that can soon multiply when covered by a moist denture.  Taking a denture out at nighttime reduces the risk of gums becoming sore and tender – which can hinder daytime wearing.  Once you’ve removed your denture place it in a container or glass with a non-abrasive anti-bacterial denture cleaner – which will remove stains and keep your denture looking and smelling fresh.  Taking a wet cloth, gently wipe over gum tissue to remove traces of food and oral bacteria.  You may want to rinse with an antiseptic mouth wash to keep gums healthy and free from irritation and swelling.

Just because your teeth aren’t your own – don’t neglect your mouth as keeping gums and dentures clean keeps a mouth healthy.

If you’re trying to cope with a denture that doesn’t fit well – talk to the General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental about options for creating a more comfortable denture or having a consultation regarding Dental Implants that support a denture – making it almost as secure as natural teeth.

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