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Dental Implants – A Fixed Solution For Missing Teeth

Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary explain how Dental Implants can be the best option when it comes to replacing missing teeth.  Adults who have lost teeth due to trauma, decay, gum disease, or failed dentistry may elect to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or partial denture.  Thes
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When Improving Your Smile Can Improve Your Dental Health

Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary is something many patients turn to when they want to correct a less than perfect smile.  Improving colour, shape, size, and position of teeth can give individuals the smile they’ve always wanted.  Apart from a head-turning smile there is another benefit to correctin
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Calgary Dentists List Foods to Help Prevent Tooth Decay

No one likes to give up the sugary, sweet foods that everyone craves, but food does play a huge part in tooth decay. Our Calgary dentists have found a great article by Oral-B that features several foods that help prevent tooth decay including:i. CalciumCalcium is a prime ingredient for pre
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