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Correcting Receding Gums - Ranchlands Dental - Pinhole Surgical Technique Calgary

Correcting Receding Gums

Imagine correcting Gum Recession in a lunchtime appointment! No extensive downtime or obvious signs or treatment – just a few minutes per tooth to have your smile looking and feeling great. The Downside to Receding Gums Gums that are receded don’t just cause tooth sensitivityand increased risk
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Orthodontic Treatment for TMD - Ranchlands Dental - Orthodontic Treatment Calgary

Orthodontic Treatment for TMD

Could gripping headaches and tight neck muscles really benefit from orthodontic treatment?  Is the clicking and popping emanating from jaw joints a result of teeth not fitting together properly? Is the persistent clenching and grinding of teeth contributing to jaw joint discomfort?TMD or Tempor
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Orthodontic Braces For Children

Children requiring Orthodontic Treatment is nothing new.  Braces were first developed in the early 1800’s – but it was the Egyptian culture that paved the way for surgical and orthodontic procedures thanks to their obsession with facial esthetics and desire to have perfectly straight teeth.
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