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Sleep Apnea and Periodontal Disease - Ranchlands Dental Clinic - Dentists Calgary

Sleep Apnea and Periodontal Disease

Poor quality sleep not only wrecks your day but also has a negative impact on your entire health.  Sleep Apnea is a serious, sometimes fatal, condition that many patients associate with disruptive breathing and snoring.  Snoring affects over thirty-three percent of adults – and is due to a parti
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Healthy Teeth For Life - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Clinic NW Calgary

Healthy Teeth for Life

Keeping teeth healthy for life can be easily achieved with just a few tips on what teeth need to stay strong and disease free.  Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary focus on providing patients with information that helps prevent dental issues – and promotes excellent oral health th
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Why You Need to Book a Dental Appointment?

Regardless of our age, how many teeth we have, or just how great our teeth look and feel – everyone should ideally see their Dentist in NW Calgary twice a year.  Similar to your car’s routine oil change and filter check – having your family dentist regularly look under the hood at your pearly
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