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Does Your Tween Need Orthodontic Care? - Ranchlands Dental Clinic - Orthodontic Care NW Calgary

Does Your Tween Need Orthodontic Care?

Tween – a word used by J.R.R. Tolkien to refer to Hobbits in their twenties – is today’s modern term for pre-adolescent children.  Referring to children between the ages of eight and twelve – tweens make up a large portion of orthodontic patients, as dentists and parents strive to head off
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Correcting Receding Gums - Ranchlands Dental - Pinhole Surgical Technique Calgary

Correcting Receding Gums

Imagine correcting Gum Recession in a lunchtime appointment! No extensive downtime or obvious signs or treatment – just a few minutes per tooth to have your smile looking and feeling great. The Downside to Receding Gums Gums that are receded don’t just cause tooth sensitivityand increased risk
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Orthodontic Treatment for TMD - Ranchlands Dental - Orthodontic Treatment Calgary

Orthodontic Treatment for TMD

Could gripping headaches and tight neck muscles really benefit from orthodontic treatment?  Is the clicking and popping emanating from jaw joints a result of teeth not fitting together properly? Is the persistent clenching and grinding of teeth contributing to jaw joint discomfort?TMD or Tempor
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Changing Your Toothbrush Regularly - Ranchlands Dental - Oral Health Calgary

Changing Your Toothbrush Regularly

Invented in 1938 and containing approximately 2500 bristles – today’s toothbrush is a vital tool used to prevent dental decay and gum disease.  Whether your preference is for the tried-and-true manual variety or you support the modern technology behind the effective electric toothbrush – both
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Oh No – Stinky Breath! - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Cleaning Calgary

Oh No – Stinky Breath!

Bad Breath just isn’t fun – for anyone!April was Dental Health Month so you may have seen, read or heard additional information regarding the health of your teeth and mouth.  One sign that indicates your oral health may be in need of a tune-up is bad breath.  From mild to knock-you-over
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Cerec Crowns – Providing a One Appointment Option for Dental Restorations - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Restorations Calgary
Family Dentistry at Ranchlands Dental - Ranchlands Dental - Family Dentistry Calgary

Family Dentistry at Ranchlands Dental

Family Dental Care is a service that General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental love to provide.  Caring for patients of all ages in their NW Calgary Dental Office allows these dentists to offer all manner of General Dental Services and to take care of smiles - from newborns to grandparents.Family D
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The Benefits of Regular Visits to the Dentist - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Services NW Calgary

The Benefits of Regular Visits to the Dentist

In the whirlwind of busy work schedules and hectic family life it’s sometimes hard to make time for important appointments like visiting your doctor and dentist on a regular basis.  And as much as we’d all like to skip out on certain appointments – maintaining regular visits with your dentist
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When it’s Time to Crown a Tooth - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Crowns Calgary

When it’s Time to Crown a Tooth

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental are a group of General Dentists who provide restorative treatment that includes the placement of Dental Crowns.Why do some teeth need to be crowned and others function just as well with a filling?  There are many reasons why a tooth requires crown covera
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Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Floss? - Ranchlands Dental - Professional Cleaning Services Calgary

Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Floss?

Have Bleeding Gums got you worried about your dental health?  NW Calgary General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental are frequently asked by patients ‘why do my gums bleed when I floss’?  Well the truth of the matter is that your gums bleed when you floss because you might not be flossing as frequen
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