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Stained Teeth in Calgary – What are Your Options?

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental understand the frustration patients experience when looking in the mirror and seeing yellow, brown, or mottled coloured teeth. Unfortunately, even though you may brush regularly, watch your intake of coffee and red wine – and have stopped smoking – the colour of your teeth can still be many shades away from pearly white.  So, what are your options? Well let’s first discuss the reasons behind discoloured teeth and what you can do to prevent staining from occurring.

‘You’re born with it’ isn’t a phrase that many expect to hear when discussing stained teeth – but the reality is that for some the damage occurred in vetro and exhibits in permanent teeth. Prior to 1980 pregnant women who took tetracycline – a powerful antibiotic – inadvertently exposed the fetus to the side effects of this drug.  It is believed that the antibiotic calcified in developing teeth – resulting in a dark grey/brown stain – which is sometimes noticed in young children who were prescribed the antibiotic.  Individuals born prior to 1980 may exhibit the telltale signs of tetracycline exposure – dark staining that covers the entire tooth – and are often motivated to seek a cosmetic solution to improve or eradicate the stain.

Intrinsic staining – teeth that are stained from the inside – are often the perfect teeth to be restored with veneers or ceramic crowns.  Veneers are paper-thin so minimal tooth structure is removed during application.  The thinness of veneers gives teeth a very natural appearance in shape, thickness, and colour and have the ability to conceal all manner of intrinsic staining such as, fluorosis – caused by overexposure to fluoride – and the above mentioned tetracycline staining.

The general dentists at Ranchlands Dental have assisted many patients brighten their smile through the placement of veneers and crowns.  These NW Calgary General Dentists have also helped patients achieve a whiter, brighter smile with the use of Teeth Whitening. Though teeth whitening is not always effective for patients who have stains deep inside the layers of tooth tissue – it is highly effective for those wanting to remove extrinsic stain – stain that forms on the outside of the tooth.  Extrinsic tooth staining can result from consuming sodas, tea, coffee, red wine, nicotine, and foods that contain certain pigments.  As the discolouration sits on the tooth – instead of inside – the stain is easier to treat with topical bleaching applications.  It should be mentioned that teeth who are exhibiting staining due to every day consumption of tea, coffee, and cigarettes benefit immensely from a routine dental cleaning.  During a dental cleaning calculus and plaque are removed – which removes the substance that stain adheres to.  Once plaque and calculus has been removed teeth are primed to experience the benefits of Teeth Whitening.

Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental have witnessed smiles transform with ease after just one application process of Zoom Whitening.  This NW Dental office can attest to the great results Zoom Whitening creates.  This affordable, stress-free, method for whitening teeth can produce amazing results – and leave no trace of prior stains – no one will know how much you love red wine!

If you have been considering whitening stained teeth and would like to discover the many advantages of Zoom Whitening – contact Ranchlands Dental today – 403.239.5212

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