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Root Canal Treatment in Calgary

Dentists in Calgary strive to help patients keep their natural teeth – which can mean Root Canal Treatment is needed.  Calgary Dentists are able to offer treatment that allows a patient to keep a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted due to decay or trauma.

What’s Involved with Root Canal Therapy
General Dentists in Calgary understand that the mere mention of ‘root canal treatment’ can make some patients feel nervous.  There’s always someone who has a story about their Uncle Jack who had to have a root canal but even with anesthetic – supposedly felt everything!  The reality is that a root canal is a very straight forward dental procedure that is completed when a tooth has been badly injured, fractured, or decay has not only destroyed the hard tissues of a tooth – the enamel – but has also destroyed the softer tissues and now involves the pulp (or nerve) of the tooth.  When the nerve of a tooth is involved the only option is to either extract the tooth or elect to have a root canal with your Calgary Dentist. What’s important to mention is that sometimes due to the trauma or decay the nerve of the tooth starts to die, creating infection within the tooth.  The infection often collects at the tip of the root and forms an abscessWhenever pressure is exerted on the tooth (when chewing) a patient may experience discomfort due to the infection of surrounding tissues.  If your NW Calgary Dentist gives you a prescription to clear the infection prior to root canal therapy – be sure to complete the prescription so that all traces of infection is clearedThis is an important step in preparing for a successful root canal – and will help with pain control. Your Calgary Dentist will take an x-ray to confirm the presence of an abscess and/or infection prior to starting root canal therapy.

When you see your Calgary Dentist for root canal treatment, be prepared that it may take more than one appointment to complete the procedure.

The first appointment involves your dentist opening the tooth up – cleaning out all signs of infection and bacteria – disinfecting the canals and placing a temporary filling to seal the tooth.  Your dentist may elect to complete the root canal treatment in one appointment and ‘seal the canals’ with a permanent material.  Don’t be surprised if your dentist asks you to come back in a week for him to complete the procedure and place  the final filling or crown.

Seeing Your NW Calgary Dentist to Complete Root Canal Treatment
Once your Calgary Dentist has opened up the tooth and removed all traces of infection you will experience immediate relief. 
Don’t stop seeing your dentist after the first appointment – the treatment is not fully completed – and until you have final restoration placed on your tooth it is still vulnerable to contaminants.  When the nerve is removed from a tooth – the tooth’s blood supply is also removed – making the tooth no longer vital.  Non-vital teeth are prone to dry out and break over time – that’s why you need to follow-up treatment with your Calgary Dentist at Ranchlands DentalDentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary are experienced General Dentists who perform root canal therapy on a daily basis.  Experience allows this team of Calgary Dentists to recognize, diagnose, and treat the signs and symptoms of needed root canal treatment quickly and successfully.  And if you require a crown on your tooth to protect it from breakage – this NW Calgary Dental Office provide Cerec – Same Day Crowns that make getting a crown really convenient.

Don’t Delay Seeing Your NW Calgary Dentist
When you’re in discomfort and experiencing a toothache – call your Calgary Dentist at your earliest opportunity.  Delaying making a dental appointment can make the difference between saving a tooth and needing to have it extracted.  Root Canal Treatment in Calgary is a pain-free procedure that allows you to keep smiling both during and after treatment. 
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