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Rise In Childhood Cavities

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental Clinic are passionate about keeping Calgarians teeth healthy and functioning throughout a lifetime.  Providing General Dental Care to families and individuals, this group of Calgary Dentists strive to ensure that every patient is equipped with current information on dental health and treatment options.  For the past forty years childhood cavities had been on the decline thanks to advancement in dental care, nutrition, and awareness of daily oral health requirements.  But the trend has started to change and dentists around the world are reporting an increase in preschool cavities.

You may be perplexed to hear that in a day of electric toothbrushes, dental cleanings, and daily brushing and flossing that The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the U.S. is experiencing a rise in childhood cavities across all income levels and geographic placement.  This alarming information seems to point to three key reasons for the resurgence of childhood cavities:

  1. Parents don’t brush and floss their children’s teeth twice a day – apparently due to not wanting to traumatize their child or being so busy with work and household chores that time doesn’t allow it.  Brushing and flossing your child’s teeth are the building blocks for a life of great dental health.  A child may complain the first few times Mom or Dad brushes their teeth, but they will soon get used to the daily routine, and if done at the same time that parents brush and floss their teeth, it soon becomes a fun family event.  Having to bring a two-year-old to the dentist for a cavity may prove to be far more traumatizing than to a child than having their teeth brushed and flossed every day.
  2. Children today are exposed to more sugar laden drinks.  Even ‘healthy drinks’, like fruit juice, can pack an amazing 30 to 40 grams of sugar in one portion.  Packing juice in a lunchbox or providing as a snack is a societal norm –   but unless a child is brushing their teeth after exposure to a sugary (sometimes acidic) drink, residual sugar can stay on a child’s teeth for hours – reacting with the bacteria in plaque and eroding tooth enamel.
  3. Some children only visit the dentist once school starts – and this maybe too late to prevent or reverse the effects of dental decay.  Parents should be bringing their child to see their NW Calgary Dentist as soon as the first tooth appears.  This allows the dentist to explain and demonstrate appropriate brushing technique for an infant and provide parents with support and tips on how to care for newly erupting teeth.

Making sure your child avoids dental decay starts with a few simple but important steps – daily brushing and flossing, minimal exposure to sugar, and early and regular trips to your Dentist in Calgary.  If you would like more information regarding dental care for young children contact Ranchlands Dental Clinic today 403.239.5212

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