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Restoring Teeth That Have Sustained Dental Erosion

Restoring Teeth That Have Sustained Dental Erosion - Ranchlands Dental - Teeth Restoration Calgary

Dental, or Tooth Erosion, creeps up on an individual, revealing signs and symptoms of enamel loss only after significant damage has been sustained. It’s the gradual but constant destruction of the outer layer of teeth that can lead to symptoms like hyper-sensitivity and increased tooth discomfort. Along with these signs, there’s also problems like the darkening of tooth colour and excessive tooth wear. Stopping dental erosion in its tracks is the best way to protect teeth, but if erosion has already weakened tooth structure then treatment is recommended to protect and restore a person’s dental health.

Treating Tooth Erosion

An important fact to mention is that tooth erosion, once present, cannot heal itself. There simply is no way to grow back enamel. However, there are ways to prevent the advancement of tooth erosion and protect teeth from further destruction. When caught in the early stages, erosion from acids will respond well to the use of topical treatments that have a high concentration of hydroxyapatite; a naturally occurring form of calcium apatite and major ingredient of healthy teeth and bones. When applied topically, treatments that contain hydroxyapatite help to strengthen and enhance the existing layers of minerals that promote the hardness of enamel. This treatment is most beneficial in the early stages of acid erosion, and it’s not effective for teeth that require definitive treatment to rebuild lost tooth structure.

Restoring Eroded Teeth

Teeth are naturally highly mineralized, with enamel being the strongest tissue in the body. Unfortunately, acid exposure from diet or regurgitation can quickly strip teeth of mineral deposits, causing them to become soft and less capable of withstanding habits like clenching and grinding. Overtime, teeth that are eroded from acids become more sensitive, less white, and wear faster than teeth that have a healthy layer of enamel. But even if teeth can’t grow back enamel, teeth can be made to look and function optimally with the help of certain procedures such as bonding, veneers, and dental crowns – all of which can restore teeth to their natural form and colour. Restoring teeth that have become darker due to the loss of enamel and exposure of dentin benefit greatly from the additional thermal protection dental materials provide, along with improved aesthetics and increased functionality.

Living with dental erosion can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, causing individuals to resist smiling and deal with increasing tooth sensitivity. Talk to one of our great Calgary dentists about restoring your smile today.