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Prevention Centred vs Disease Centred

Ranchlands Dental Clinic in NW Calgary has been helping patients and families reach optimum dental health for decades.  Focusing on preventing tooth and gum disease means this group of NW Calgary Dentists spend a lot of time educating patients on the importance of taking care of their oral health so they (patients) can avoid lengthy dental appointments and hefty dental bills.  At Ranchlands Dental, Dentists are dedicated to keeping you out of the dental chair by sharing tips on how to keep your oral health in prime condition.

It’s no surprise to note that patients ultimately have the most influence over their dental health – after all, you may only visit your family dentist twice a year – so what you do on a daily basis in between dental visits has a huge impact on your level of dental health.  Of course, daily brushing and flossing is the number one thing you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This daily routine can mean the difference between health and disease.  When we brush our teeth we remove a sticky substance known as plaque.  Plaque is formed when bacteria that are always present in our mouth feed off food remnants – releasing acids that can erode the outer tissue of teeth and irritate gums, causing them to become puffy, bleed easily, and recede in an attempt to get away from the source of irritation.  Plaque that is not removed with effective brushing and flossing hardens to become calculus.  Plaque also lives in between teeth – which becomes a perfect place for a cavity to form – but daily flossing removes plaque and keeps tooth surfaces clean and cavity free.

The other major influence on tooth health is what we eat.  Never has there been a society that has consumed more sugar on a daily basis.  Recent reports state that men should try and limit their sugar intake to no more than nine teaspoons a day – and six for women.  When you consider that some sugary drinks pack over 40 grams of sugar in one serving – that’s a total of 9.76 teaspoons – it doesn’t take much to end up consuming in excess of 100 grams of sugar in one day.  Not only is this sugar intake playing havoc with insulin levels, and creating systemic inflammation throughout the body – this sugar is creating a huge amount of acid in the mouth, increasing the risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

Do your teeth a favor – pick up your toothbrush and floss every day and limit your daily intake of sugar.  Combine these two acts with visiting your NW Calgary Dentist on a regular basis and you’re on the road to achieving great dental health.  For more information contact Ranchlands Dental today – 403.239.5212

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