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Dr. Volinder Dhesi


Hi! Welcome to Ranchlands Dental!

My name is Volinder Dhesi, but my friends call me Wally. While most people find mouths kind of cringe worthy, I find them really interesting. Every individual is a little different and that includes the way their teeth, jaws, gums, and tongue work together. I love that everyday is something new, that dentistry not only allows me to share my passion with the people around me, but that it also privileges me to help Calgarians learn more about their mouths and oral care.

I’ve been a dentist for over a decade. I studied at the University of Saskatchewan and received my Doctor of Dental Medicine or DMD in 2003. I found my time in Saskatoon really inspiring. I got to study and work with dental students from all over Canada and learned that besides dentistry, I also really enjoy teaching and working as a clinical speaker that helps others discover and follow their passions.

As a part of Ranchlands Dental, I strive to provide my patients with an experience that makes them want to come back. A lot of Calgarians find going to the dentist makes them nervous, and it’s my mission to help my patients feel welcome and comfortable. I accomplish this a couple ways. First, I’ll ensure that you get all the information you need to make an informed decision about any dental procedures we do here at Ranchlands. Secondly, I love answering questions about oral hygiene, care, and our processes, and clients appreciate being treated like individuals whose thoughts and feelings matters. It’s a win-win that ensures my clients get the care they deserve and leave happy to show off their great smiles.

Within the clinic, my favourite part of being a dentist is probably working with Calgarians to improve their smiles. I really enjoy engaging with patients both young and old and showing them what modern dentistry has to offer. I take a lot of pride in my work. I can’t imagine doing anything else, because helping to empower patients to understand their oral health and providing them the dental services they need is what I love doing.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to take place in product testing for 3M. It’s times like this that I really feel my voice in the dental industry matters and is important. I also have the privilege of teaching other dentists on the use of CEREC down in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Between my dental practice and three kids, I’m kept pretty busy, but I always manage to make the time to volunteer as an assistant hockey coach in our great community. For the last 6 years I have been an organizer of an annual charity golf tournament that benefits the Guru Nanak Vision Clinic at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Hope to meet you soon!