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Orthodontic Treatment – Improving Your Teeth and Your Dental Health

Orthodontic Treatment – Improving Your Teeth and Your Dental Health - Ranchlands Dental - General Dentists Calgary

Interestingly, when people think of Orthodontic Treatment a beautiful smile with straight teeth comes to mind.  And we’d be lying if we denied that correcting crooked teeth didn’t result in a great smile – but there’s way more to orthodontic treatment than making teeth line up perfectly – there are numerous dental health benefits that come from improving a bad bite.

Do Crooked Teeth Cause Gingivitis?

General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in Calgary explain that when teeth aren’t in ideal alignment the ramifications of having a ‘funky bite’ aren’t limited to teeth – extending to all oral tissues that bear the brunt of crooked and overlapping teeth.  Moms’ reading this blog will be able to relate to the analogy of trying to clean around boxes that are spread all over the room – not even close to being lined up in an orderly fashion.  Not only is it tiring but cleaning around misaligned objects usually results in some remnants of debris being left behind.  Well crooked teeth present the same dilemma when it comes to cleaning around pearly whites that don’t come close to being in an ideal arch formation.  A toothbrush is just too large to negotiate around overlapping teeth and dental floss can get caught between tight contacts – and the end result is food debris and plaque gets missed and is left to cause gum inflammation and tooth decay.

Straight Teeth and Better Gum Health

Gingivitis is a real concern for people living with misaligned teeth as it takes extra time and effort to negotiate around teeth that are facing the wrong way.  If adults have a hard time keeping crooked teeth free from plaque and calculus – imagine how hard it is for a teenager or younger child to be motivated to brush and floss faithfully.  There’s no denying that dental patients who have straight teeth in healthy alignment have a far easier time keeping teeth clean – which often results in a dramatic reduction in gum inflammation, dental decay and the development of infection.  Apart from the obvious benefits of orthodontic treatment like better chewing power, less speech challenges, improved esthetics and corrected facial symmetry – orthodontic treatment fulfills the important task of improving a patients entire dental health.

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