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Orthodontic Treatment for TMD

Orthodontic Treatment for TMD - Ranchlands Dental - Orthodontic Treatment Calgary

Could gripping headaches and tight neck muscles really benefit from orthodontic treatment?  Is the clicking and popping emanating from jaw joints a result of teeth not fitting together properly? Is the persistent clenching and grinding of teeth contributing to jaw joint discomfort?

TMD or Temporal Mandibular Disorder can be attributed to various triggers that range from active degeneration and remodelling of jaw joints caused by excessive strain on the joints – joint inflammation that is a response to bite imbalances (bad bite) – and excessive grinding and clenching of teeth.  Patients who suffer from Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions such as IBS and Fibromyalgia may have a tendency to experience an amplification of discomfort with the jaw joints due to a sensory response of nerve pathways.

Can Braces Help Jaw Joint Pain?

Possibly the biggest contributor of jaw joint discomfort is a lack of balance between teeth in the upper and lower jaw.  Individuals who have bite issues frequently report symptoms that relate to joint health.  Difficulty opening and closing the mouth – pain when pressure is applied to the muscles of the face and neck – and the all too common clicking and popping of the joint during movement and especially upon waking when the first morning yawns unleash a symphony of sounds.  Regardless of the frequency and location of jaw pain – symptoms can point to a poor relationship between the teeth and jaw.  Addressing the lack of bite health and correcting arch formation and tooth position is the first step in creating a dental system where all parts work well together.

The Use of Orthodontic Braces

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental are a group of General Dentists who provide orthodontic solutions to patients of all ages. Acknowledging that bite imbalances can cause discomfort to jaw joints – these Calgary Dentists begin to solve jaw pain by improving a patient’s bite.  Using orthodontic treatment to bring teeth in to healthier alignment that improves arch formation and tooth to tooth relationship – the result is a reduction in joint pain and other symptoms like facial discomfort and neck and shoulder stiffness.  Chronic habits like clenching and grinding are also addressed when upper and lower arches fit together in a healthy position.  Often the habit of grinding is the body’s attempt to create a more balanced environment in the mouth.

If you’re wondering what’s causing your facial discomfort and joint pain – consider an orthodontic consultation.  For more information contact Ranchlands Dental today 403.239.5212

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