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Orthodontic Braces For Children

Children requiring Orthodontic Treatment is nothing new.  Braces were first developed in the early 1800’s – but it was the Egyptian culture that paved the way for surgical and orthodontic procedures thanks to their obsession with facial esthetics and desire to have perfectly straight teeth.

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental also have an obsession for beautiful healthy smiles, but balance this obsession with the need to incorporate beauty with health and functionAt Ranchlands Dental Dentists take the time to create a complete diagnosis of a child’s bite – and develop a treatment goal that will ensure that not only are teeth straight but the child’s dental system functions well.  Orthodontic Braces are sometimes required to correct bite issues that don’t resolve themselves during a child’s jaw growth. Often due to genetics and sometimes made worse by thumb or finger sucking – deficient jaw and arch development impacts tooth alignment, speech progression, and influences the health of adult teeth and position.

Orthodontic Braces in Calgary can make the difference between a healthy bite and dental system or having to deal with crooked, misaligned teeth, and a host of other symptoms such as abnormal wear of teeth, extensive dentistry, breathing concerns, and TMJ issues that surface later in life.  Jaw Joint discomfort and mouth breathing are very common signs and symptoms that children often exhibit when living with a ‘bad bite’.  If left untreated the mouth breathing can contribute to dehydrated oral tissues and gum issues and undiagnosed Jaw Joint pain can lead to debilitating headaches, earache, and facial tension – even in children.

Though a child may not sign up willingly for Orthodontic Braces – the benefits far outweigh the initial ambivalence – but once teeth start to straighten and correct jaw growth is established even the most hesitant of patients is appreciative of orthodontics transformative effects.  Whether it’s orthodontic brackets and wires, minor appliances, or headgear that a child requires – early diagnosis and intervention can prevent a lifetime of discomfort and dental problems – and help create a beautiful healthy smile.

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