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Oral Health For Men – Why a Healthy Smile Matters

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that men’s avoidance of making health appointments includes avoiding dental check-ups.  Men’s reluctance to take care of their physical health not only impacts issues like heart disease, diabetes, migraine and headaches, but also has a negative impact on dental health.  Dentists in NW Calgary at Ranchlands Dental explain that women visit the dentist more frequently, have a lower incidence of periodontal disease and brush their teeth on average 2.7 times a day, compared to men’s 1.9 times.  Not to make it a competition about brushing and flossing – but men’s lack of attention to their dental health leads to more serious dental issues as they age, and contributes to systemic health concerns over time.

General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental are men who know only too well the ramifications of avoiding regular dental visits and not adhering to an affective home care routine.  These Calgary Dentists know that men in general are at greater risk for heart disease and stroke, so when male patients avoid routine dental care along with daily brushing and flossing the risk for cardiovascular disease is heightened due to the increase in inflammatory causing bacteria that lives in the mouth.  You may have read in our previous blogs the link between periodontal health and heart health.  Bacterium that lives in the mouth can enter the blood stream and travel around the body – creating systemic inflammation.  When an individual does not brush after each meal and floss daily the bacterium in the mouth increase and easily enter the blood stream when puffy gums bleed during brushing – and studies have linked the effects that oral bacteria has on contributing to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Men are naturally more likely to develop periodontal disease so it’s imperative that regular dental cleanings and check-ups are part of a man’s health routine to help prevent periodontal disease and protect their health in general.

But men’s dental health is also at risk due to the increase of contact sport that men play.  Showing up for a friendly game of hockey is great for your cardiovascular health – but unless you’re wearing a mouth guard you may end up losing some teeth to a wayward puck.  Chatting with your NW Dentist about teeth protection can go a long way in helping keep your teeth for a lifetime and avoiding cut gums and oral lacerations.

We mentioned earlier in this blog that men are at greater risk for developing cardiovascular issues – often medication that is prescribed to address these issues can contribute to oral health concerns.  Dry mouth is the number one side-effect of certain medication. And unfortunately dry mouth contributes to an increase in dental decay, gum recession and oral sores.  Seeing your dentist regularly provides an opportunity for concerns to be discussed and treated swiftly – and for suggestions to be made for handling dry mouth symptoms.  Avoidance isn’t a recommended choice when it comes to our health – and that includes our dental health.

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