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One Visit Crowns in Calgary

Calgary Dentists understand that their patients lead busy lives that don’t have much room for multiple appointments to the dentist. Traditional methods of preparing teeth for crowns, veneers or onlays involve having more than one dental appointment. The first appointment usually involves preparing the tooth where impressions are taken and a ‘temporary crown’ is placed. And the second appointment is for the cementation of your new crown.

Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary offer patients the time saving option of Cerec One Visit Crowns. This technology from Sirona Dental is trusted by dentists around the world to place porcelain crowns, veneers, and onlays in just one visit. No multiple appointments and no temporary crown to worry about. Cerec crowns include the preparation and cementation of the final crown in one appointment.

There is more than just convenience associated with Cerec One Visit Crowns; the ceramic, tooth colored, material provides both excellent esthetics and level of comfort as it responds very similarly to natural tooth structure. The chemical bonding of the crown/veneer/onlay to your tooth allows your Calgary Dentist to conservatively prepare teeth, leaving as much tooth structure as possible.

Using 3D imaging and in office milling technology allows a new crown to be made in just about an hour. You’ll leave with your new restoration and a healthy smile. The convenience of Cerec One Visit technology allows patients to move forward with treatment without having to worry about time constraints. Taking care of your dental health just became a whole lot easier. If you’ve been delaying dental treatment due to finding time in your busy schedule, now’s your chance to move forward and complete your dental treatment. Cerec technology has been advancing over the past twenty years to bring you a result that you can trust.

Call Ranchlands Dental today and discover how they can have you smiling by tomorrow. These NW Calgary General Dentists are experienced Cerec providers and welcome your questions regarding Cerec One Visit Crowns

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