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One Appointment Crowns in NW Calgary – Are They Really As Good?

One Appointment Crowns in NW Calgary – Are They Really As Good?

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental are a group of experienced Cerec – One Appointment Crowns – technicians.  Having had experience using Cerec’s Technology for over a decade, our General Dentists are able to craft a crown, veneer, inlay, that not only that looks natural,but performs beautifully in the mouth.

One Appointment Crowns or Same Day Crowns have transformed the efficiency and effectiveness of certain dental procedures.  Cerec technology was designed by W. Mörmann and M. Brandestini at the University of Zurich in 1980 – and was created specifically for placing dental restorations using CAD/CAM process.  A brand name of the Sirona Companies – a company dedicated to providing cutting edge technology to the dental field – Cerec crowns and veneers are able to turn a broken, worn down smile, in to a thing of beauty in just one dental appointment.

Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental witness the many advantages that One Appointment Crowns present – minimal preparation of restoration – reduced sensitivity due to immediate bonding of final restoration – natural shades of strong, durable Ceramic material – and efficiency of placement;enabling what traditionally would be multiple dental appointments to be accomplished in just one visit.  The question that is often asked is “are Same Day Crowns as good as traditional crowns” – and the answer is Yes!  There are no drawbacks to Cerec’s process and cementation technique – in fact what could be better than no messy impressions and temporary crowns – that’s just how easy a crown appointment is when Cerec technology is being utilized.

The team at Ranchlands Dental also point out that One Appointment Crowns are a great option for anxious or nervous patients – as the time spent in the dental chair is minimal and anxiety provoking procedures like dental impressions are not required – so patients can relax and focus on their new smile.  Cerec One Appointment Crowns provide precision dentistry in just over an hour – about the same time it takes to get your teeth cleaned.

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