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Oh No – Stinky Breath!

Oh No – Stinky Breath! - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Cleaning Calgary

Bad Breath just isn’t fun – for anyone!

April was Dental Health Month so you may have seen, read or heard additional information regarding the health of your teeth and mouth.  One sign that indicates your oral health may be in need of a tune-up is bad breath.  From mild to knock-you-over – stinky breath can be a real downer for everyone.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad Breath or Halitosis can strike anyone at any time.  Even little kids fall prey to this embarrassing condition – making a morning cuddle with your toddler down-right scary.  And if you’ve been unfortunate enough to miss a prized kiss from your sweetie due to romance-killing odors – you really need to figure out why you’re getting the cold shoulder.  Bad Breath occurs when you’ve been slacking-off on your brushing and flossing.  Sorry – but there just isn’t any other way to break it to you – if you’ve been avoiding bristles, toothpaste and floss then don’t be surprised to be dealing with horrendous mouth odors.

No Brushing – Bad Breath

A buildup of food remnants, trapped in between teeth and tucked under gum tissue leads to some undesirable mouth issues one of which is heightened formation of plaque.  Plaque is a whitish, sticky film of bacteria that feeds off food remnants – releasing acids that destroy tooth enamel and cause cavities – and producing nose-crunching odors.  If bad breath has been getting you down – start by re-assessing your brushing and flossing habits – as skipping this essential daily habit will eventually catch-up with you.

Can Illness Cause Bad Breath?

Certain systemic health concerns can contribute to bad breath.  Chronic sinus infections or sinusitis can really impact the freshness of your breath.  The post-nasal drip that accompanies some sinus issues coats the back of the tongue and increases bacterial levels – adding to the formation of odor.  And patients suffering from dry-mouth also admit to having to deal with bad breath – as the lack of saliva and natural rinsing of tooth surfaces alters the mouth’s ph. balance.

If you’re suffering from bad breath a trip to your Calgary Dentist may be in order – as being overdue for a cleaning can play a part in mouth odor.  During a professional dental cleaning plaque is removed from tooth surfaces and from below the gumline – lowering bacterial levels and reducing odor forming compounds.

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