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New Year – New Smile

New Year – New Smile - Ranchlands Dental - Smile Restoration Calgary

A New Year – a time for ushering in goals, hopes and dreams.  For some it’s fitting-in more exercise and eating healthy, for others it’s about dream vacations and less time in the office – and for some of us it’s about having the smile we’ve always wanted.

Can A Smile Be Renewed?

If you’ve always wanted a new smile – this is the year to achieve that goal.  You are not alone when not loving the teeth that Mother Nature gave you.  Astonishingly more than 28% of adults aren’t happy with their teeth and would like to change the way they look.  So if just over a quarter of people are walking around not wanting to smile – that makes for a lot of unhappy looking people.  But the reality is that your teeth might just be one of the easiest parts of your body to improve – and the results last a lot longer than a year or two.  General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary explain that changing a smile can be as quick and easy as whitening teeth or as involved as crowning teeth and placing implants to replace missing teeth.  The degree of change desired varies between patients – but there is a treatment solution that meets each individual’s goal.

Options for Restoring a Smile

From orthodontics, teeth whitening and gum enhancement, to improving the shape and size of teeth – dentistry offers plenty of tools and methods to transform even the most broken-down of smiles.  If you’re been clenching and grinding your teeth for years you may well have noticed a definite shortening and flattening of teeth – and possibly increased tooth sensitivity due to a lack of protective enamel.  Well teeth can be restored back to their original size – giving back a more youthful appearance and protecting teeth from ongoing sensitivity.  You may be wondering if you can also grind through dental materials and the answer is ‘sometimes’, so addressing the habit of grinding by wearing a night guard or having treatment to correct a bite dysfunction is recommended to protect any new dentistry.

Getting a New Smile

If you’ve been thinking of restoring your smile, Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental encourage patients to talk to them at their next routine exam and cleaning appointment, or arrange a consultation to go over treatment options.  For more information regarding dental services – contact Ranchlands Dental today 403.239.5212

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