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More Healthy Habits to Keep Your Smile Happy

More Healthy Habits to Keep Your Smile Happy - Ranchlands Dental - Family Dentists Calgary

Our previous blog introduced some tips on how to develop healthy habits that help to keep your smile happy. Apart from the obvious habit of daily brushing and flossing there are other factors such as overcoming dental fear, customizing a preventative hygiene schedule, and working collaboratively with your dental team that move a patient closer to optimal dental health. Maintaining routine exams and x-rays also contribute to a person’s oral health by catching the signs of dental disease early which translates to less invasive, more conservative treatment options. But apart from trips to the dentist and keeping your brush and floss close by there are other habits like diet that can tip the scales in favour of a better smile.

Oral Bacteria and Simple Carbohydrates

If there’s one thing oral bacteria love it’s a constant supply of simple carbs, which become a sugar source for bacteria to feed on, releasing acids that cause dental decay and irritate gum tissue. Reducing exposure to simple carbohydrates reduces bacterial activity and reduces the risk of rampant decay, inflamed gums, and a smile that’s ruined by rotten teeth. We’re not suggesting that you switch to an ultra-low carb diet as that only poses a different set of concerns such as bad breath; but we are recommending that sugar-laden drinks and foods be kept to a minimum and enjoyed only as a treat and not a daily staple. That morning caramel macchiato may not be the best for your pearly whites, or your health as a whole.

Be Aware of Dental Issues Brought On by Certain Medications

It’s important that your dental team are kept current on all medications you are taking; both prescription and herbal supplements can alter the pH balance of the mouth and impact how the mouth responds to treatment. Medications like blood thinners can have a dramatic influence on procedures such as dental extractions – resulting in uncontrolled bleeding and compromised healing. Though you may have been taking a medication or supplement for some time and don’t feel the need to share this information with your dentist – withholding any information regarding your overall health can have negative consequences.

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