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Making Your Child’s Trip to The Dentist a Happy Event

Making Your Child’s Trip to The Dentist a Happy Event - Ranchlands Dental - Family Dentists Calgary

Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary love seeing young smiles in their general dental practice.  Being entrusted to care for a child’s dental health is the greatest compliment a parent can give a dentist.  Developing mutual trust and instilling the importance of oral health takes time and is often established over a series of appointments – but the goal is to make every visit to the dentist a happy event for all concerned.

What Causes Dental Anxiety in Children?

It is an interesting question to pose – ‘what causes anxiety about a specific event they haven’t yet experienced’.  You have to admit when you stop and think about it – what makes a little child nervous about visiting the dentist?  A recent article published in the Canadian Dental Association magazine poses the question – ‘what makes kids afraid of the dentist’ – and the response does suggest that dental anxiety in children isn’t always related to a child’s personality, behavioural tendencies or overall temperament – but may also be connected to a parent’s own feelings about seeing the dentist.  Now Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental know that most parents work really hard to hide any misgivings they may have about dental treatment and strive to put on a smiley face for their children – Dr. Jaffer, Sayani and Dhesi are parents – and respect how hard it can be to convince a child to feel good about trying something new.  Acknowledging that dental care is a lifelong commitment can put in to perspective the importance of making sure a child’s introduction to the dental team is positive.

Tips On Making Your Child Smile At The Dentist

The Alberta Dental Association along with the Canadian Dental Association recommend that a child visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth, or by the age of one.  Age one may sound incredibly young for a littler person’s first dental appointment – but keep in-mind that dental decay isn’t just a teenager’s dilemma – babies can also get dental decay.  But even if cavities aren’t the issue – the message is that it’s far easier for a child to visit the dentist when they’re pain-free and can have a ride in the chair and get a prize for doing – nothing!  Waiting until there’s a ‘problem’ isn’t always the best decision as dental pain and meeting the dentist for the first time can be the trigger for a lifetime of dental anxiety.

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