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Lunchtime Gum Lift – How it can Restore a Smile

Lunchtime Gum Lift - How it can Restore a Smile - Ranchlands Dental - Calgary Dentists

If gum recession is spoiling your otherwise healthy smile; there is a solution that can restore gums to normal levels and give patients a reason to smile again. Gum loss can be debilitating to a smile as the body is unable to naturally grow-back this tissue – causing roots of teeth to be exposed and increasing the risk of dental decay and tooth sensitivity due to the lack of protection from healthy gum tissue. But modern dental research has enabled a technique known as Pinhole Surgery to address the aesthetic and clinical challenges gum recession presents; providing an opportunity for patients to gain back a healthy smile – in as little time as a lunch hour.

Why Do Gums Recede?

There are several factors that play a part in causing and/or contributing to gum recession. From poor oral hygiene and the use of certain medications to nicotine and poor tooth alignment – gum recession is observed in patients of all ages and walks of life. Gum recession is frequently associated with periodontal disease – an aggressive stage of gum disease that not only involves gum tissue but also supporting ligaments and bone. The reality is that anyone can have gum recession without having periodontal disease as the recession may be specific to just certain areas of the mouth and be a result of trauma or after orthodontic treatment, when tooth movement causes the level of gum to change.

Can Gum Recession Be Reversed?

Once gums have begun to recede the goal is to prevent further recession by controlling the instigating factor (plaque in some cases) so that gum levels can be maintained. As we mentioned earlier in this post – gum tissue can’t regrow – but it can be prevented from receding further with dental cleanings that are custom designed to meet a patient’s oral health needs. What is the solution for patients who are already dealing with generalized or site specific gum recession? A procedure called the Chao Pinhole® Surgery Technique – a clinical treatment invented by a dentist named Dr. John Chao – that combats the exposure of dark roots by moving gum back down to a normal level – so restoring the aesthetics and health of a smile.

Curious to know what’s involved during the Chao Pinhole® Surgery Technique?- follow our next blog that highlights procedural steps and discusses how the procedure is best utilized.

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