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Invisalign® – A Removable Orthodontic System

Invisalign® – A Removable Orthodontic System - Ranchlands Dental - Invisalign Providers Calgary

Teeth Straightening Options can be the topic of many a conversation between dentists and patients.  Filtering through the wealth of orthodontic information available to the public is an important step in establishing which orthodontic system meets the bite needs of a patient.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ system in terms of quality or superiority – as an orthodontic protocol is recommended based on its ability to correct the form of mal-occlusion each patient presents with.  General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary focus on providing patients with information that will help them effectively treat bite issues – which may involve a referral to a Certified Orthodontist or in-house treatment – establishing the right course of treatment versus choosing a specific orthodontic system is the priority of this Family Dental Practice.

Ranchlands Dental Family Dentists are frequently asked questions about Invisalign® – clear, removable orthodontic aligners that move teeth without the use of brackets and wires.  As Invisalign® providers – Dr. Jan Jaffer, Dr. Volinder Dhesi, Dr. Mebs Sayani and Dr. Nooralli Jaffer – have witnessed the transformation of bites that presented with crooked, overlapping teeth with poor arch form and tooth to tooth relation, to smiles that are not only esthetically pleasing but are functional with improved tooth and arch alignment.

Invisalign® is a teeth straightening system that is used by Certified Orthodontists and General Dentists around the world.  Introduced to Orthodontists by Align Technology in 1999 – Invisalign® has been available to General Dentists since 2002, becoming a recognized name for clear aligners that can be taken out at mealtimes and during sports activities.  Invisalign® treatment starts with a General Dentist or Orthodontist taking x-rays, impressions and photos of a person’s bite – this information is used to create a 3D image that Invisalign® utilizes to create custom aligners.  The teeth straightening process progresses by the patient wearing an aligner and then switching to the next one in the treatment plan that has been previously mapped out by the dentist.  Each aligner has a specific job to do in the straightening of teeth – the amount of aligners worn will vary depending on each case – and each aligner is typically worn for two weeks before being changed to the next one.

One unique feature of Invisalign® is that it has already worked in to the treatment plan the amount of time an aligner may be out of the mouth.  This translates to an aligner being worn for an estimated twenty-two hours a day – with the remaining two hours being accounted for with mealtimes and recreational activity.  This removable feature may create some freedom for patients – especially during special occasions when removing an aligner is preferred.

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