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How To Handle a Dental Emergency

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental Clinic care about patients’ dental health and understand that when an unexpected symptom develops or trauma to teeth happens, anxiety surrounding ‘what to do’ occurs.  These Calgary Dentists reinforce the need to contact your General Dentist in Calgary should you experience a dental trauma, experience alarming pain or discomfort, or need reassurance that post procedure healing is happening as normal.

Dental Emergencies do happen – especially at this time of year when physical sports like Ice Hockey are in full swing.  One of the first steps to avoiding a dental emergency is to take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of injury to teeth.  Wearing a custom sports guard for all physical sport goes a long way in protecting teeth, jaws, lips and gums.  Studies reveal that though a sports guard does not prevent all injuries – the mere presence in the mouth provides something to clench on during moments of impact – protecting teeth from trauma.

If a tooth gets knocked out – pick it up and put it in some warm water (no milk or salty water or contact solution) and call your NW Calgary Dentist immediately.  Though a tooth has been knocked out of its socket there is a chance that the tooth will reattach to ligaments if reinserted as soon as possible.  For those who feel brave enough – wash the tooth under warm water to ensure there is no debris and place it gently back into the socket.  Like we said; this takes an element of sheer bravery, so don’t feel bad if the thought of putting a tooth back in place makes you queasy – just get to a Calgary Dentist as fast as possible.

Sometimes a dental emergency is due to a crown coming off a tooth – don’t panic – if the crown is intact put a little blob of toothpaste or Vaseline inside the crown and place back on the tooth.  This will at least give you some time to make it through an important meeting or family gathering – schedule an appointment with you dentist as soon as possible and do not (no matter how tempting) super glue the crown back in place – Not a good idea!  You may be thinking ‘what about the raging toothache at 2:00am’ – that is never a great feeling to be woken from a deep sleep with shooting pain.  Chances are you probably had some mild little twinges of pain leading up to this unscheduled wake-up.  Our advice is to not ignore ongoing mild dental discomfort, as chances are something more serious may be brewing – call a dentist to schedule a specific exam to determine why you are experiencing discomfort – and follow-through with any pain medication of antibiotic prescription your dentist may give you.

Handling a Dental Emergency comes down to not ignoring initial symptoms of discomfort and taking action immediately to prevent greater problems – Ranchlands Dental Clinic is always there for patients’ so don’t hesitate to call and discuss concerns or to make an appointment.  Your Dental Health is Our Priority.

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