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How Cracked Teeth can Cause Dental Issues

Emergency Dental Care in Calgary can be required for a variety of concerns.  From blows to the mouth during a game of ice hockey – to losing a crown right before an important work meeting – regardless of the reason; patients want to know that someone is available to help them in their time of need.

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental explain that emergency dental treatment is also sometimes required due to discomfort caused by a crack in a tooth.  Cracks or fractures in teeth can present a mixed bag of problems – from pain when you bite in to food (pressure sensitivity) to discomfort caused by different temperatures (especially really hot or really cold).  Cracks in teeth can overtime cause a piece of tooth to completely break off – potentially leading to root canal treatment and/or the need for crown coverage.

But you’re probably wondering what causes teeth to crack in the first place?  Well just like the mixed bags of symptoms cracks can evoke – there are quite a few causes behind cracked teeth – all of which contribute to a tooth being susceptible to further damage.  If you know that you’re a clencher or grinder; you’ve probably been told that your teeth reveal signs of your nightly (or daily) habit.  Cracks on teeth, along with flattening of tooth surfaces and a general shortening of certain or all teeth are classic signs that the habit of clenching and grinding is taking a toll on tooth structure.  Being fitted with a night guard is a smart decision to help slow down the wear that grinding causes, and help protect teeth that are already cracked from further damage.  If you’re thinking ‘I don’t clench or grind my teeth, so how come one of my teeth cracked’ – having a love of hard candy that is literally bitten to pieces is an easy way to damage teeth – so is the common habit of eating ice – it may be refreshing but it’s doing a number on your gnashers.  Having extensive dentistry in your mouth can sometimes lead to cracks in teeth.  If you at one time had very large fillings placed – these teeth are at risk for cracking and fracturing due to the fact that there is more filling material than tooth structure – so immense pressure is exerted on the sides of a tooth.

So how can you tell if your teeth have cracks in them?  If you are experiencing any symptoms like pressure sensitivity, discomfort to certain temperatures, or general discomfort – chances are you may have a cracked tooth or teeth.  But symptoms don’t always present themselves until the tooth is in severe discomfort – so keeping up with regular check-up appointments will enable your Calgary Dentist to check for signs of cracks and treat before pain becomes an issue.

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