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Healthy Teeth for Life

Healthy Teeth For Life - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Clinic NW Calgary

Keeping teeth healthy for life can be easily achieved with just a few tips on what teeth need to stay strong and disease free.  Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary focus on providing patients with information that helps prevent dental issues – and promotes excellent oral health throughout every phase of life.  From informing parents about baby bottle tooth decay to helping seniors deal with dry mouth and dexterity concerns that make brushing and flossing challenging – this group of General Dentists devote a huge amount of time and energy in to researching and perfecting dental procedures and products that enhance a patients oral health.

The best news is that keeping your teeth and mouth healthy throughout your lifetime doesn’t require any major feats of heroism – just a little time and patience dedicated to fostering healthy daily habits – like brushing and flossing.  It may seem as though the brush twice a day and floss once in a twenty-four hour period lecture has been flogged to death – but the reality is that these two simple habits are the cornerstone of a healthy mouth and no swishing with some magical mouth rinse can replace the benefits that come from spending some time with your toothbrush and floss.

Bacteria live on our teeth, tongue and lining of our mouth – when kept to normal levels these bacteria are our friend and help keep a healthy ph.level in our mouth.  But left to build to unhealthy levels the same bacteria can become your mouth’s worse enemy – causing inflammation of the gums, bad breath, bone loss and dental decay.  Now before you go running for the super-sized jug of Listerine there’s an easy and affordable way to control plaque and bacteria – brush and floss daily! Yes, it’s just that easy.  When you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes twice a day, plaque and food debris are removed from tooth surfaces.  Flossing removes sticky plaque and trapped food from in-between teeth – the most common spot for decay to start.  Removing plaque and bacteria from tooth surfaces not only keeps teeth healthy but also your gums.  Gums that are exposed to bacteria become irritated and inflamed – making them bleed easily and have a bright red, puffy look.  Gum disease can also be easily prevented and controlled with the daily habit of brushing and flossing – and as a bonus your breath will stay fresh.

Seeing your dentist and hygienist for exams and cleanings also play an important role in keeping your teeth healthy for life – so if you’re overdue for a dental appointment – contact the team at Ranchlands Dental today 403.239.5212

Remember these tips – watch your sugar intake, brush and floss daily and visit your Calgary Dentist when recommended.

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