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Healthy Habits for a Better Smile

Healthy Habits for a Better Smile - Ranchlands Dental - Sedation Dentistry Calgary

Your dental health not only impacts the level of comfort and confidence your feel about your smile; it also has far reaching effects on the health and well-being of the entire body. We’ve talked in the past of the connection between a person’s oral health and their risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes – but what we want to highlight in this post are the simple daily habits that can keep a person out of the dental chair and systemically healthy. Like most ventures towards better health, it’s the consistency of certain habits that bring about the greatest rewards. The importance of daily brushing and flossing can’t be stressed enough. But there are a few other habits that deserve mentioning due to the health benefits they provide.

Don’t Fear Dental Appointments

It’s unfortunate that fear of dental treatment can stop people from achieving optimum dental health. We want to acknowledge that dental fear is very real, producing such a high level of anxiety that dental appointments get cancelled or failed to be made altogether. Overcoming fear of the dentist enables patients to move forward with dental treatment and maintain a high level of health. So what can patients do to feel more confident in the dental chair? The first step is to have a candid conversation with your dental team about anxiety and fears. Often mild worries can be dispelled by talking through the steps of a procedure and gaining a better understanding of what to expect. When the thought of walking into a dental office consumes a patient with anxiety then options such as sedation dentistry can prove beneficial. Maintaining patient consciousness throughout a procedure, sedation dentistry provides a level of relaxation that calms nerves – making appointments less tense and easier to handle from a physical and psychological perspective.

Get To Know Your Hygienist

Dentists are great, but hygienists are pretty special too, playing a huge role in contributing to a patient’s dental health. The condition of gum tissue, bone, and teeth are the foundation of a healthy mouth, and can influence whether we get to keep our teeth for a lifetime or lose them prematurely to disease. Developing a trusting and collaborative relationship with your hygienist will assist in formulating a preventative treatment plan that aims to promote health and reduce the risk of dental disease. Seeing your hygienist on a regular basis enables the accurate monitoring of dental issues and swift intervention to stop disease in its tracks.

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