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Gum Contouring can Improve Your Smile

Gum Contouring can Improve Your Smile - Ranchlands Dental - Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation in Calgary

Humans are interesting creatures – highly self-critical, focusing on microscopic flaws that nobody else would notice.  And no part of the body gets more critiquing than the mouth – from how white our teeth are to how well our teeth line-up – when it comes to finding flaws the mouth appears to be a common target.  But what if a patient genuinely dislikes their smile and it can be easily improved or corrected?

Too Much Gum

General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental can attest to patients disliking everything about their (patient’s) smile to just focusing on one single thing.  Tooth color is certainly a common complaint, as is the straightness and size of teeth – but one concern that doesn’t seem to get much attention is gum contouring.  From too much to not enough – it seems that the level of gum tissue can detract from a smile that would otherwise be considered perfect.  Too much gum tissue that covers a considerable amount of tooth structure can make teeth appear too short and stubby.  When these patients smile it may appear that there is a disproportional ratio between gum and tooth tissue – creating a flat and ‘gummy smile’.  Caused by genetics, certain illnesses and medication an over-abundance of gum can be reduced so that teeth appear longer and proportional.

What About Gum Recession?

Just like a coin has two sides, so does the gum line dilemma –with some patients wanting less and others longing for more.  Unlike patients who have too much gum tissue that hides teeth – patients who have had a trauma or have periodontal disease that has caused recession suffer from a lack of tissue and an over exposure of tooth and root structure.  Gum recession may be a result of periodontal disease, injury, hormonal fluctuations or genetics.  Treating receding gums not only restores a patient’s smile but improves the health of teeth by protecting decay and temperature sensitive roots.  Thanks to advancement in techniques and material treating receding gums is both quick and effective.

Dentists at Ranchlands Dental offer patients the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation created by Dr. John Chao.  This technique involves making a small incision above the area being treated and then using special instruments gum tissue is brought down to cover areas of recession.  Collagen strips are then inserted in to the same incision to increase tissue formation and act as a bumper that deters tissue from future recession.  Performed in less than an hour – this procedure can give a patient a new smile and new level of confidence.

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