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The Facts About Fluoride From Our NW Calgary Dental Clinic

Our NW Calgary Dental Clinic gets questions about fluoride all the time. In a nut shell, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral (fluorine+salt) and it is used many water supplies and toothpastes to reduce tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel. But how does fluoride do this? According to a great article by the Portsmouth Pediatric Dentists:

Tooth enamel has the highest concentration of minerals in the human body, therefore making it very strong. However, tooth enamel can be damaged by strong acid and dental injuries. Unlike the other structures of a tooth, tooth enamel is not a living tissue and cannot regenerate. Once tooth enamel is damaged, it is permanent. Fortunately, enamel can be strengthened with fluoride.  … For over six decades, fluoride has been used in dentistry and added to water supplies to help reduce the incidence of tooth decay. Fluoride strengthens enamel by attracting minerals such as calcium phosphate to the teeth.”

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