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Family Dentistry at Ranchlands Dental - Ranchlands Dental - Family Dentistry Calgary

Family Dental Care is a service that General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental love to provide.  Caring for patients of all ages in their NW Calgary Dental Office allows these dentists to offer all manner of General Dental Services and to take care of smiles – from newborns to grandparents.

Family Dentistry includes a wide range of dental procedures – from routine exams and cleanings to tooth extractions and the placement of crowns.  An area of family dentistry is providing dental care to young children and can include the treatment of dental issues in an infant’s or newborn’s mouth.

Now you may be thinking – why would a baby need to visit the dentist?  Well the truth is that even babies get dental decay and suffer from gum and other soft tissue conditions.  Developing teeth that are still below the gum line are susceptible to the damaging effects of sugar.  If you’ve read any of our previous blogs you’re probably clear on our view of sugar – try to avoid it – as this addictive, non-nutritious substance, can wreak havoc in mouths of all ages.

Baby Bottle Caries is a condition that describes severely damaged baby teeth – caused by exposure to sugars that are present in milk, formula and fruit juices.  The nourishing aspect of a baby’s meal can become the perfect environment for decay.  The sugars that naturally occur in milk and formulas react with bacteria that live in an infant’s mouth – turning the sugar in to acids that erode tooth enamel, causing dental cavities to form.  Even the constant drooling of a young infant isn’t always effective at diluting the sugars in the mouth – especially when it comes to bedtime when the production of saliva and swallowing reflex decreases dramatically; enabling sugary liquid to pool in a child’s mouth and react with bacteria.

Family Dentistry doesn’t just start with pre-schoolers or first-graders, but includes the oral health of little ones who might not even have a tooth in their head.  And the combination of chubby fingers and an appreciation of minty toothpaste doesn’t translate to effective tooth brushing. Young patients require supervision to help them learn the importance of taking care of their teeth – but also help in handling a toothbrush and floss.

A child’s smile is a precious gift – one that Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental take special care of.  If you are in need of Family Dentistry – contact Ranchlands Dental today 403.239.5212