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Esthetic Dentistry in Calgary

There’s nothing as impactful as a beautiful white smile – and someone loving showing it off!!  Our smile can melt hearts, start new friendships, put someone at ease, and let the world see our self-confidence – smiling is reported to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, put us (and others) in a better mood, create trust and show just how happy we are.  Having your best possible smile makes smiling easy and natural – but what do you do if your teeth and smile don’t reflect all the great feelings you have inside?

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental Clinic know how to put a smile on every patient they treat.  Caring about patients’ dental health extends to making sure that patients are happy with their smiles and being able to offer treatment designs that restores the health of the mouth – and a person’s self-image.  Esthetic or Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on restoring the mouth to a state of beauty.  Dental problems like decay, broken teeth, old fillings and crowns, and dis-colored teeth are all addressed with the use of Esthetic Dentistry – dental problems are never glossed over but treated completely before an esthetic result is achieved.

Esthetic Dentistry in Calgary can take a mouth that is worn down, misshapen, missing teeth, and affected by gum disease and literally transform someone’s smile right before their eyes.  Incorporating the latest in technological advances to create a beautiful healthy smile with minimum appointments and discomfort, mean patients get to look and feel their best in just a few dental visits – something to remember if you want to freshen your smile before an important event.  Utilizing the technology of Cerec – One Appointment Crowns – enables this group of NW Calgary Dentists to place new crowns, inlays and veneers in just one appointment – perfect for the nervous patient who has been putting off going to the Dentist and needs extensive work.

Cosmetic Dentistry today is able to help patients move away from partial and full dentures and have esthetically pleasing dentistry with the help of implants.  When missing teeth are permanently replaced with dental implants, a more natural smile can be created by placing porcelain crowns on the implants.  Imagine the freedom of going from wearing a denture that moves and rubs on gum tissue to having brand new teeth – that won’t move or fall out.

Esthetic Dentistry can be as easy as whitening your teeth – or more detailed of a treatment plan with new crowns and bridges.  Regardless of what’s involved; creating the smile you’ve always wanted is just an appointment away – contact Ranchlands Dental Clinic today 403.239.5212

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