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Dentists In Calgary Help With Brushing Children’s Teeth

Who would ever have thought that Calgary Dentists would suggest you singing a nursery rhyme while your child brushes their teeth? This cute and effective way of getting your child to brush for a certain amount of time is just one recommendation Dentists at Ranchlands Dental have for making this daily routine more fun for everyone.

Dentists in Calgary encourage parents to be creative when it comes to making sure their children’s teeth are brushed properly and for the correct amount of time. If your child is under the age of 6 this means still having to physically help with the brushing and flossing. Those chubby little fingers don’t always get to the back teeth, and we all know a two year old who only likes to suck the toothpaste off the toothbrush!

But like all aspects of modern day living, finding a funky gadget or ‘app’ to help make life easier – even for brushing – is just a click away. Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental, located in NW Calgary, know that when it comes to effective brushing it’s time and technique that matters, something little ones haven’t mastered yet. But here’s something to make you smile – iTunes has the ‘Macleans Nurdle Time’ app from GlaxoSmithKline PLC which, according to reports, “will have kids racing to brush their teeth, over and over again”. That’s a goal all Dentists in Calgary aim for. Even Google Play has a few programs that hold a young child’s attention (even an older child) so increasing the length of time spent brushing. Don’t forget the tried and true ‘timers’ available at your Calgary Dental Office – a simple way to make sure junior doesn’t cut brushing short. Considering a child’s electric toothbrush is another way to not only ensure adequate brushing time (the toothbrush is programmed to run for a certain amount of time) but it may also prove to be more effective than using a manual toothbrush.

NW Calgary Dentists know that like all things in life, when activities are fun, there’s a greater chance of participation. Daily brushing and flossing is the foundation for a healthy mouth and teeth. Help your child get off to a good start by making this daily routine easy and fun. Dr’s Dhesi, Sayani and Jaffer(s), at Ranchlands Dental, Welcome New Patients and are happy to offer further tips on keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Located in NW Calgary this General Dental Practice provides dental services including Invisalign, Cerec ‘One Appointment’ Crowns, Zoom Whitening and Sedation Dentistry. Call today to schedule an appointment 403.239.5212

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