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Dental Implants – A Fixed Solution For Missing Teeth

Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary explain how Dental Implants can be the best option when it comes to replacing missing teeth.  Adults who have lost teeth due to trauma, decay, gum disease, or failed dentistry may elect to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or partial denture.  These solutions for replacing missing dentition can serve patients very well, though are not always ideal due to the characteristics of each method.  A partial denture is not a fixed option as it is a removable appliance that requires adjustments from time to timeA bridge involves preparing the adjacent teeth as supports, which sometimes requires using perfectly healthy teeth as abutments.  Dental Implants offer patients a fixed solution that replaces a missing tooth without involving other teeth or appliances.

NW Calgary General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental advice patients on viable dental solutions for replacing missing teeth and are able to discuss the many advantages of choosing dental implants.  Made from titanium metal, a dental implant is surgically placed in to the jaw bone by a dentist, periodontist, or oral surgeon, and then left to integrate or fuse with the bone – a process called osseointegration.  The integration with bone creates a permanent, fixed, stable replacement – and eliminates any embarrassing movement or slipping that sometimes occurs with non-fixed options.

Dental Implants are being incorporated in to many treatment plans that require single or multiple tooth replacement.  Once the implants have been placed and healing is complete a permanent crown is placed on the implant to finalize treatment.  The results are esthetically pleasing, not susceptible to decay, and can last a lifetime when cared for correctly.  Patients who turn to implants to replace teeth are happy with the results, especially when it comes to eating food they may have avoided in the past due to food particles getting trapped under the partial or bridge.

Dental Implants are a great option for adult patients who have been battling the frustration of a loose partial or bridge that needs to be replaced.  NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental welcome patients’ enquiries regarding the placement of dental implants and invites those who want to explore this option to contact the office for a consultation.   

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