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Dental Exams and X-rays in NW Calgary

Dentists in Calgary stress the importance of Routine Dental Exams and X-rays as part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  By visiting your Calgary Dentist for regular exams can help avoid dental surprises that may result in extensive, costly, treatment.

During a Check-up Exam Dentists in the NW community of Ranchlands – at Ranchlands Dental – visually examine your mouth and teeth using intense light, a mirror, and explorer.  Dentists at Ranchlands Dental pay close attention to obvious signs of decay, cracked teeth, and gum health.  This is the time to share with your NW Calgary Dentist any changes to your medical history.  The mouth reveals the condition of your overall health, so by keeping your dentist informed of any medical concerns will allow him to recognize signs/changes to your oral health.

A visual exam is an important part of your check-up exam – as it includes an oral cancer screen – but does not allow the dentists at Ranchlands dental to see what is happening below the gum line and therefore any hidden problems.

Taking x-rays during an exam is a vital step that enables your NW Calgary Dentist to detect decay in-between teeth and any infection that might be present.  Specific x-rays will be needed to make a complete and accurate diagnosis and to treatment plan accordingly. Refusing x-rays is a patient’s prerogative, however understanding the potential ramifications is important, as concerns that go undetected can compromise a patients dental health and overall health.

At Ranchlands Dental Centre in NW Calgary digital x-rays are used to diagnose treatment.  Digital x-rays have reduced a patient’s exposure to radiation compared to traditional methods of x-ray capture. Digital x-rays allow your dentist to view the image immediately, enhance the viewing by adjusting size and clarity, and share the images quickly and easily with specialists and other dentists.  Dental x-rays are a necessary part of your check-up exam and allow your NW Calgary Dentist to catch any dental issues long before you feel them.

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