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Dental Care for Calgary Athletes

Although sports and dental care might not always be thought of together, we actually work with quite a few patients when it comes to dental care for Calgary athletes. For the most part, they have the same need for dental cleanings, small fillings, and other procedures that everyone else does. But, there are also some special requirements that should be considered.

If you are an athlete at any level, here are some things you should be talking to your Calgary dentist about:

Mouth guards and protective pieces. Even when you are playing relatively low-contact sports (like basketball or soccer), you should strongly consider wearing protective mouth guards. We can work with you to help you find the right ones for your mouth, and ensure that stray balls, kicks, even the odd puck etc., don’t ruin your beautiful smile.

Emergency dental procedures for Calgary athletes. If you play any sport for long enough, you may eventually need an emergency dental procedure from your Calgary dentist. The fact of the matter is that accidents do happen, and having missing or broken teeth treated quickly is important to minimizing both damage and discomfort.

Regular cleanings and maintenance. Besides the damage that can be done to teeth from collisions and impacts, there are also dietary issues to consider. For example, many endurance athletes rely on power bars, gels, and other nutritional aids that are heavy in sugar and can be tough on teeth. Additionally, small cavities and sensitive teeth can make it difficult to enjoy sports in cold weather, making it important to deal with these issues at the earliest sign of a problem.

Providing dental care for Calgary athletes does require a few areas of special attention, and we are proud that so many people turn to us for both a healthy, beautiful smile, and to keep them out and enjoying their favorite activities.

If you’re looking for a Calgary dentist who can help you excel in your sports health, why not contact our offices today?

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