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Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary

General Dentists in NW Calgary are frequently asked how to make a smile look better.  The reason for a patient’s dissatisfaction with their smile could be due to discolouration, poor shape, chipping, or dentistry that is old and is showing its age.  No matter what the motivation – there are options available to make even the most worn down teeth look good again.

Chipped or Broken Front Teeth
Chipping or breaking a tooth is never something to celebrate – but when a patient chips a front tooth there is added concern regarding how esthetically pleasing it will look once repaired.  Gone are the days of people revealing an obvious ‘fake’ tooth when they smile – dentistry has made considerable advances in the past decade when it comes to restorative materials used in making crowns, bridges, veneers, and placing ‘white fillings’.  Restorative dental materials like porcelain, ceramic, and zirconia all present with advantages and distinctiveness.  Calgary Dentists are experienced in the characteristics of these materials and are able to design appropriate treatment plans that take in to consideration how each material will perform in an individual’s mouth – with their bite – and their smile.

A front tooth that has a small chip out of it – just a corner – can sometimes be effectively restored with the use of ‘bonding’ or white filling material.  This material can perform really well when there is enough tooth structure for it to be bonded to.  Unfortunately when a tooth has a large chip or has been broken significantly, a stronger, more long-lasting choice of material is needed – which means that a different form of restoration will be placed.  Restorative procedures like crowns and veneers are made from strong, durable, esthetically pleasing materials like porcelain and ceramic and are viable options for restoring a broken tooth.  The use of these tooth coloured materials create beautiful smiles and are able to make a chipped or broken tooth perfect again.

Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary are experienced when it comes to providing cosmetic solutions to a worn down smileThis group of Calgary General Dentists concentrate on providing solutions that not only restore a patient’s smile, but their confidence as well.  Dr’s Sayani, Dhesi and Jaffer(s) of Ranchlands Dental welcome enquiries from patients regarding cosmetic dental solutions.  Cosmetic dentistry can be used to correct imperfections such as, gaps between teeth, discolouration due to staining, darkening of a tooth as a result of a root canal, misshapen and crooked teeth, and teeth that are crowded.  Whether a tooth needs to be restored due to a trauma or because a patient is tired of seeing a misshapen tooth when they look in the mirror – creating a functional, healthy, and esthetically desirable result can be successfully achieved with the placement of a crown or veneer.

Contact this NW Calgary Dental office today and learn how they can have you smiling in no time.  Welcoming patients of all ages – Ranchlands Dental provided General Dental services that include Exams, Digital X-rays, Cleanings, Zoom Whitening, Emergency and Restorative procedures, Cerec One Visit Crowns – Call today – 403.239.5212

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