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Correcting Receding Gums

Correcting Receding Gums - Ranchlands Dental - Pinhole Surgical Technique Calgary

Imagine correcting Gum Recession in a lunchtime appointment! No extensive downtime or obvious signs or treatment – just a few minutes per tooth to have your smile looking and feeling great.

The Downside to Receding Gums

Gums that are receded don’t just cause tooth sensitivityand increased risk of root decay – they also spoil an otherwise great smile due to the exposure of root tissue, which is darker than tooth enamel.Detracting from an otherwise healthy mouth – correcting gum recession often means lengthy procedures that involve cutting gum tissue – extending healing time over several weeks. Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental Centre in NW Calgary are excited to offer patients a faster and less invasive way to treat gum recession and restore a smile.

What Is Pinhole Surgery?

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique™ (PST)is a creation of Dr. John Chao – a dentist who recognized that the traditional method for correcting gum recession meant that patients had to spend longer time in the treatment chair, and longer time recovering – a detractor that often made patients decline treatment and live with the effects of receding gums. But thanks to Dr. Chao’s perseverance and desire to provide a fast and effective method for correcting gum levels – Pinhole Surgical Technique enables patients to restore their smile in one just one appointment.This no cut technique involves the dentist making a small hole above the area of gum that needs treating. The small hole (pinhole) is used as an entry point for an instrument to be inserted and the gum to be lifted away from the bone and moved over the tooth – hiding an area of recession. Collagen strips are placed under the gum, and create a ledge that prevents the new gum level from receding. The use of collagen stimulates the body’s own production of collagen – increasing further gum stabilization.

Since September 2013, dentists around the world have been able to obtain training on PST and offer this smile enhancing technique to their patients.

Is Pinhole Surgery Painful?

One of the advantages of Pinhole Surgery is that it requires only local anesthetic to numb the area – and the actual procedure takes just a few minutes per tooth to perform.Multiple teeth can be treated in one session and any sign of treatment is barely visible within forty-eight hours.

Gum Recession affects people of all ages and can be the result of different dental health issues – from inadequate oral hygiene – trauma – natural aging process – lifestyle choices and periodontal disease. Regardless of the cause of gum recession, The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique™ is able to correct the cosmetic concerns without scalpels, grafts and sutures.

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