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Childhood Dental Decay

Previous blogs have touched on the subject of dental caries and the rise of early childhood dental decay.  If left undiagnosed and treated; dental decay can have a devastating effect on young mouths – from extreme toothaches, oral infections, to premature loss of teeth – dental decay that afflicts an infant, toddler, or pre-school child doesn’t only ruin their smile, but can set them up for a lifetime of dental and oral issues.

NW Calgary Dentists at Ranchlands Dental have a special interest in helping families prevent and conservatively treat dental caries. Believing that the prevention of dental decay starts with a healthy diet, consistent homecare, and regular visits to a Calgary Dentist who is able to diagnose and treat minor concerns quickly and effectively.  Seeing a Dentist in Calgary for routine care is a vital step in ensuring that small concerns don’t go unnoticed – but can be monitored and re-evaluated at certain stages of a child’s developmentAt Ranchlands Dental this group of General Dentists understand that some children are more at risk for developing early childhood decay due to genetic factors, diet restrictions, physical limitations, and oral and psychological habits such as thumb sucking and needing a bottle at bedtime for comfort.

Baby bottle caries is a known contributor to premature loss of primary teeth – and can impact baby teeth quickly and negatively.  Giving your child water to drink at bedtime, instead of milk and fruit juices, will reduce their exposure to sugar and prevent it from being washed around their teeth for several hours.  Diet plays a significant role in the development of healthy teeth – and the monitoring of simple carbohydrates, and loading up on vegetables, fruits, and calcium rich food – will give your child’s teeth the best possible start.

As much as we love our children to gain independence and complete tasks like dressing themselves – when it comes to brushing and flossing teeth – Mom (and Dad) knows best.  It’s not unusual for a child to need help with brushing and flossing up to the age of eight, as little ones tend to just suck the toothpaste of the brush, and older children are in a rush go get back to their activities -so brushing becomes a ten second event instead of two minutes.  Time and attention need to be given in order to clean teeth thoroughly – so taking the time to assist or oversee your child’s homecare will help ensure their teeth are clean, and reduce their risk for developing cavities.

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