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Cerec Crowns – Providing a One Appointment Option for Dental Restorations

Cerec Crowns – Providing a One Appointment Option for Dental Restorations - Ranchlands Dental - Dental Restorations Calgary

Cerec Crowns refer to a method of design and milling of a restoration that enables a dentist to restore a tooth in one appointment.  The technology behind Cerec Crowns utilizes CAD/CAM to design and fabricate a final restoration.  Used by dental laboratories, specialists and general dentists – Cerec’s thirty years of market presence provides an alternative option for Dental Restorations.

How Does Cerec Technology Work?

CAD/CAM technology enables a digital impression of a prepped tooth, and opposing teeth, to be captured and then viewed on the computer screen as a 3D image.  Using the image the dentist designs the required restoration – this is accomplished by working on the 3D images to build a restoration that fits the tooth preparation and functions within a patients bite.  Once the restoration has been designed an electronic file is sent to the machine that mills the final restoration.  The milling of a restoration may be viewed by the patient as the machine is frequently located in the dental office.

What’s Different about a Cerec Appointment?

General Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary are Cerec users and explain that for most patients the noticeable differences are – digital impressions, no need for a second appointment, reduced tooth sensitivity.

Digital Impressions

Most patients are familiar with what’s involved with a traditional dental impression.  A tray, or trays, filled with impression material are inserted in the mouth and the patient slowing bites down in to the material – creating an impression of teeth.  A digital impression eliminates the need to use impression trays and material.  Using a wand that contains a camera – a dentist captures an image of the teeth – which has proven to be an easier method of gaining an impression for patients who have a severe gag reflex and those who feel claustrophobic and anxious with traditional impression trays.

Can a Crown Be Made in One Appointment?

Yes – Cerec Crowns are able to be made and cemented at the same appointment – a great option for the time-pressed patient.  But saving time isn’t the only advantage to cementing the final crown at the prep appointment.  The need to wear a temporary crown is removed – so tooth sensitivity is prevented and minimized.

Cerec Technology is just one way to provide a dental restoration – chatting with your Calgary Dentist about all restorative options is a great way to establish what’s right for you.

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