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Canker Sores – How a Little Sore can cause Big Discomfort

Canker Sores – How a Little Sore can cause Big Discomfort - Ranchlands Dental - Canker Sore treatments Calgary

Canker sores – we all get them from time-to-time. They are brought on by a reaction to a food group, stress, trauma and nutritional deficiency.  Officially known as Aphthous Stomatitis, these small mouth sores can be an occasional annoyance for some, and a continual source of discomfort for others.

What Causes a Canker Sore?

Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental, explain that Canker sores are a result of a certain trigger – and the trigger may vary from patient to patient  – making it hard to put a direct cause on canker sore formation. Dentists do know that canker sores are a result of an irritant and can be brought on by ill-fitting dentures that rub oral tissues, the habit of biting on lips and exposure to a food sensitivity.  Nutritional deficiency can also prompt the eruption of canker sores, as they are frequently noted in patients who are deficient in B Vitamins, Iron and Folic Acid.  Addressing diet limitations and discussing the possible need for supplementation can greatly reduce the occurrence of canker sores.

Why do Canker Sores Erupt during Times of Stress?

Stress, we just can’t seem to always dodge this human ailment. For some individuals, times of stress not only induce emotional discomfort, but also bring about physical signs that the body’s immune system is being weakened.  When the immune system is compromised it is much harder for the body to combat exposure to everyday pathogens – which causes the body to become more vulnerable to irritants.  Being aware of how your body responds during times of stress can help pin-point what triggers an outbreak of canker sores.

Getting Relief from Canker Sores

Though there is no cure for canker sores – avoiding certain irritants during an outbreak will help speed the healing of these annoying sores. Oral tissues are already inflamed when a sore is present so staying away from highly acidic foods and beverages and increasing your intake of zinc and Vitamin C and B’s may help.  Getting an ill-fitting denture or appliance adjusted will also help with pain and healing time.

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