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Can You Really Restore Your Entire Smile?

Can You Really Restore Your Entire Smile? - Ranchlands Dental - Full Mouth Restoration Calgary

As the years roll by our smiles can begin to reveal our age, and how much life we pack in to our lives!  So what do patients do when they want a brand new smile?  Can you really restore every tooth and roll back the years?

Full Mouth Restoration

From Gum Recession, Old Dentistry, and Discolored Teeth to general wear and tear – it doesn’t take much to make a smile look a little beat up.  Full mouth restoration makes sense to patients who are faced with the need to replace old dentistry and are considering addressing other dental issues at the same time.  Issues like shortening and flattening of teeth due to clenching and grinding can be eradicated when every tooth is being restored.  New length, with restored anatomy, can be built back in to a smile – giving the appearance of youth and vitality while providing a patient with a functional bite and the added bonus of restored facial balance.

Benefits of Restoring a Smile

One of the biggest advantages of restoring an entire smile is that many imperfections and deficiencies can be taken care of all at once.  The uniformity of new crowns that are shaded to give a natural translucency, and sized to give balance and proportion to a smile can’t always be achieved when dentistry is done one tooth at a time over a considerable time-span.  Patients who live with symptoms of TMD frequently benefit from a full mouth restoration, as an imbalanced bite that has been created by years of clenching and muscular fatigue can be balanced-out with new dentistry – relieving muscle tension and minimizing or eradicating the many symptoms that accompany a bad bite.

Rolling Back the Years With New Dentistry

Family Dentists at Ranchlands Dental in NW Calgary can’t help but attest to the amazing transformative power of a new smile.  Patients embarrassed by discolored or chipped teeth, and gum recession that reveals root structure, are able to smile with confidence knowing that their teeth reflect the vitality they feel.  Imagine being able to bite in to food confidently, knowing that your teeth are strong enough to grind every morsel – that’s the sort of freedom that comes with having functional healthy teeth.

If fixing just one tooth isn’t giving you the smile you’ve always wanted – talk to the dental team at Ranchlands Dental about a full mouth restoration 403.239.5212